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We woke up a bit before six today to one of the kids knocking at the door with some problem or another…I don’t remember what or who it was exactly.  My brain takes somewhere between a few minutes and hours to fully engage.  The kids and I had banana bread for breakfast while I boiled a pot of water on the stove for bathing; the bathrooms have hot water heaters, but there’s an issue with how they are hooked up that I have to fix.  After my third time trying to wake Stephanie up, she got up and took over with the kids while I got washed up and dressed.

Macy out on the porch playing in puddles. Our RAV4 is in the driveway behind her.

I threw my backpack and tool bag into our 1998 Toyota RAV4, and drove down to the office around 8:00. It’s about a mile from our house on the same bumpy dirt road.  One of my two guards had cleaned the thick layer of dirt off my windshield, and I was thankful I could actually see the dozens of pedestrians, potholes, and motorcycles I was trying to avoid.  My driver-side (that’s the right side here, though we also drive on the right side of the road) CV joint creaked and popped the whole way…or maybe it was something in the suspension.  I guess I’ll find out this weekend.  Last Saturday I pulled the passenger side half-axle off to replace a torn CV boot and re-grease the joint, so I guess you could say I’m experienced with this type of problem now.  Bunia roads are tough on vehicles.

This morning I worked on getting our new file server setup, so our MAF staff can have a centralized place to store important documents.  I don’t usually stop for lunch, unless I happen to be out and about, in which case I sometimes pick up some fresh bread at Boulangerie Victoire or samosas at Cafe de la Paix.  Today the server kept me busy until 3:00.

After that I ran over to the SIL Bible translation office. They don’t have an IT person, so I try to help them out as much as I can.  Generally its anything from networking configuration issues, to dead laptops, to misbehaving printers. Today they needed a new printer installed on their network, which I completed without a hitch.  The Toshiba netbook that wouldn’t boot…not so lucky.

After that it was over to the home of one of our pilots to fix an issue with his WIFI antenna which connects him to our network and Internet access.  He’s the only single staff member in our program, and he lives about a mile from the site where our access points are in a house with some staff from Samaritan’s Purse.

This is Arwen, our new kitten. Traditionally we are not cat people, but we really don’t like rats. After killing five in three weeks, cats went up in our book.

I got home a bit after 5:00.  With her faced pressed up against the screen in the window Macy shouted excitedly as I walked up to the front door.  From what I understand the “Garfield” episodes on DVD they were watching when I got home had only been running for a half-hour. It was the first “TV” they’d watched all day, so Stephanie must have been maintaining some level of sanity.  Larinda was excited to show me the Venus comic she made for home school this morning (she’s doing an astronomy course for science this year).  Gabriella was continuously harassing Arwen, our new kitten.  Omri was napping, and missed all the commotion.

We had pancakes for supper, and got the girls to bed.  Omri got to have “date night” with Stephanie and I and stay up a bit later than his sisters.  After he went to bed, Stephanie and I watched the first episode of this season of “Once Upon a Time” that we downloaded from Amazon while we drank Coke from glass bottles.


Omri enjoying some after-hours play time…

…and snuggling.

There was rain today, which means a little bit more water in the tanks. The night guard ran the generator for about an hour-and-a-half to charge the batteries, so we’ve got light and Internet access tonight.  It’s always nice when the “utilities” are working.

The 10pm alarm just went off on my watch reminding me to double-check that the doors are locked, and the refrigerator is unplugged.  I’ve sent a few emails, checked a few network issues, and finished this blog post.  Maybe I can get some pictures in this thing and get to bed before 11:00.

It’s been a typical day here in Congo.


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