One Year in Congo


Wow! It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been here for a year now! It’s been challenging, for sure. We’ve struggled to communicate without formal language training. We’ve constantly dealt with power and water issues. The kids have made never-ending messes. The weather has always been too dry or too wet. The to-do lists have been way too long. We had to evacuate to Uganda on the day before Thanksgiving, and stayed there for three months. We’ve said goodbye to friends and playmates. We’ve been stressed and exhausted to the point of physical sickness.


It’s been a great year in many ways. We’ve experienced new cultures, and traveled to different coutries. We’ve made new friends. The IT work Owen has done has hellped missionaries, churches, and aid workers communicate from remote places. We’ve seen beautiful parts of God’s creation. We’ve been challenged and grown in our beliefs, pre-conceived notions, and opinions. We’ve dined on delicious fruit, and the best peanuts in the world. Despite sounding like children, we’ve grown comfortable enough with new languages to “survive.” We’ve been blessed by the support of people around the world who care about the work we’re doing in Congo.

It’s been a crazy, difficult, rewarding, challenging, amazing, confusing, exhausting, stressful, fun, ridiculous, incredible year!


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  1. Shari Gantz:

    Thanks for sharing, Owen. We love you all and pray for you every morning and evening and in-between! Mom & Dad/Grandma & Grandpa

  2. Janet:

    Just how low can society fall; when they are using young chderiln as soldiers. ( I am an old fashioned romantic ); especially young girls’. Please spare a thought for young innocent, vulnerable missing British Citizen Madeleine McCann, who disappeared from Portugal in May 2007. With everyones help we can bring young Madeleine back to her loving family in the United Kingdom, thankyou. GOD PROTECT YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU MADELEINE.

  3. Owen Fuller:

    Yes, it is quite the sad reality. My prayers for Madeline. Happy New Year.

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